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Children represent the future for a family and when they are injured early in life, the effects of the accident can be devastating.  The opportunities our children would have had later on in life can all be taken away in an instant due to another person’s negligence.  When parents take their children to school or daycare facilities, the do so under the premise that the teachers and workers there will protect their child from injury.  Sadly, in some cases the negligent actions taken by these employees cause serious injuries to children.

If your child has been injured as the result of the negligent supervision of another person, contact Ken Guin.  For over 25 years Ken Guin has had experience representing the needs of children.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), unintentional injury remains the number one cause of death to children under the age of 14.  Thousands of children die in the United States each year as a result of an accidental injury.  Children at play are very susceptible to these accidents.  For instance there are hundreds of thousands of bicycle related injuries reported each year. Tragically, a large number of injuries sustained to children in a bicycle accident result in the child suffering a mild to severe traumatic brain injury.

Catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries, burns, and brain injuries can impart lasting complications and limitations to a child. The effects of these injuries can be felt for the rest of the child’s life and can be accompanied by vast medical expenses.


Daycare centers and schools owe a duty of care to the children learning or staying at their facilities.  When child supervisors fail to properly monitor children, serious accidents can take place.

Other sources of child injuries for which Ken Guin can represent you include but are not limited to:

Dangerous Toys

Playground Accidents

Lack of Supervision

Child Abuse / Neglect

School Crossing Accidents

School Bus Accidents

Swimming Pool Accidents

Dog Bite Accidents

Children need special protection because they can’t care for their own legal needs.  Contact Ken Guin who has a passion for protecting the rights of children.

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