Among the most horrific and catastrophic injuries a person can endure is a burn type injury.  Burns often leave victims with extensive scarring — many of which will remain with the victim for the rest of their lives, long after the initial accident took place.  When wounds finally heal, the emotional damage that a person suffers may never fully go away.  Having the correct burn injury lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights in court is imperative if you’ve suffered one of these injures.  Contact Ken Guin for your free consultation to start processing your burn injury case today — extensive financial compensation may be entitled to you.  Ken Guin has represented clients burned as the result of many diverse causes from a child falling onto fresh asphalt to propane tank explosions.


Classically, burn injury types are categorized by the amount of tissue damaged as well as how deep the burn penetrates. The types of burns a person may experience are:

            1st Degree Burns  These burns impact the outer layer of the skin, but not all the way through. 1st degree burns typically come with mild to moderate pain, redness, and swelling.  1st degree burns are typically considered minor burns unless they involve substantial portions of the hands, feet, face, growing or buttocks, or a major joint, which may require emergency treatment.

            2nd Degree Burns  When the first layer of skin has been burned through and the second layer of skin, the dermis, is also burned, the injury is called a 2nd degree burn.  2nd degree burns are characterized by blisters, skin takes on an intensely reddened, splotchy appearance and there is severe pain and swelling.  Common causes of 2nd burns are boiling liquids, fires, heating elements, ultra-hot gases, and chemical exposure. If left untreated, these burns can worsen and become third degree burns.

            3rd Degree Burns  The most serious burns involve all layers of the skin and cause permanent tissue damage.  Fat, muscle and even bone may be affected.  Areas may be charred black or appear dry and white.  Difficulty inhaling and exhaling, carbon monoxide poisoning or other toxic effects may occur if smoke inhalation accompanies the burn. 3rd degree burns can be misleading as they are typically not as painful as a 2nd degree burn — a direct effect of the burn injury destroying local nerves.  Burns of this nature nearly always require reconstructive surgery in order to help the victim heal. In some cases, a burn is so severe that a victim may have to have a damaged limb amputated.

If you or a family member has suffered a severe burn contact Ken Guin.  Medical bills associated with burn injuries can be overwhelming; financial compensation via a personal injury claim against the negligent party responsible may be the only way to alleviate these costs.

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