Cyclists Have Rights

Cycling in Alabama has increased in popularity in recent times.  What used to be an unusual site, adults cycling in our area, has become common place.  This influx in people choosing to ride is largely attributed to the numerous health benefits of cycling and possibly increasing cost of gasoline for cars.

Unfortunately, cyclist face a very real danger every time they choose to ride — the possibility of a bicycle accident.  Due to the exposed nature of riders and the lack of any real safety features (outside of a sound helmet), riders struck by vehicles often incur serious catastrophic injuries.  If you or someone close to you has been the victim of a bike accident, seek the service of our top Alabama bicycle accident attorneys here at the law office of Attorney Ken Guin, today.


Across the state, a number of bicyclists are struck or run off the road by the drivers of other motor vehicles.  Data gathered by the Alabama Department of Public Safety shows in one recent year, there were 238 bicycle accidents reported.  Cyclists involved in collisions suffered 178 injuries and 5 deaths.  This information helps illustrate the very real, very serious danger that bicyclists face on the roads each and every day.

In many cases, motor vehicle driver inattention causes the bicycle accident.  Due to their small size, a number of drivers simply fail to see a cyclist in time to prevent a collision.  However, since drivers owe a duty of care to those they share the state’s roads with (cyclists included), simply failing to see a rider in time is not an excusable offense.  Negligent drivers who strike bicyclists, if found to be the causation of the accident, can be ordered by a court to pay monetary compensation to those they injure.

Additionally, it is a large misconception that the driver of the vehicle has to strike the cyclist in order to be found liable.  This is simply not true.  If a driver is traveling with excessive speed or veers too close to a cyclist, thus forcing the biker to maneuver evasively causing injury, then the driver can be held liable for the negligent action.  Speak with Ken Guin today to discuss your rights as a victim.

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