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It should have been simple math at Curry High School

According to recent news articles 21 senior students at Curry High School didn’t have enough credits to graduate. In some instances, they were two credits short – each credit is a class. How could this happen? Several people haven’t been doing their jobs: (1) guidance counselor, (2) principal*, (3) coordinator of guidance counseling, and (4) superintendent of education*.

The error was found by new Curry High School Principal Eric Woodley and fast action by new Superintendent Joel Hagood with the Alabama Department of Education provides some hope that the students will graduate.

Student progress should be reviewed annually. Students are required to have 24 credits to graduate. A determination should be made each year if the student is on track to graduate, i.e. 6 credits at the end of the freshman year, 12 credits at the end of the sophomore years, 18 credits at the end of the junior year. It is simple math.  This was not done for the Curry High School Seniors.

In my opinion, the guidance counselor, former principal and coordinator of guidance counseling should be discharged. The former superintendent who is on a contract with the county schools valued at over $100,000 who lives out of the county, doesn’t have an office in the county and does no work for the pay should be rescinded.

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